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Become Data Nerd with no code using ML.Net

Dinesh Kumar

Product Manager, Reports & Analytics Squad - Kissflow Inc

Become Data Nerd with no code using ML.Net and Power BI

  • Date : November 26
  • Time : 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Slots : 25
  • Fee : INR 200.00*
  • The amount collected as fees will be contributed to charity in full. Please refer the terms given below


Discuss about:

  • Build ML algorithms and predict outcomes in few Clicks using ML.Net (Why, How, When, What).
  • Being creative with data by No Code / Less Code people.
  • Segmenting data on the basis of different parameters.
  • Do sentiment data predictions.
  • Actions you can take via effective visuals.
  • How even a non-tech guy can understand and converse data and analytics related stuffs spoken by Data scientists & data engineers?

Workshop includes

  • Sentiment analysis using ML.Net (Text Analytics of products feedback reviews with 3 rating out of 5).
  • Design a sentiment analysis dashboard with insights out of Sentiment analysis data worked out.
  • I will also do a demo deploying the model as a Nuget package consumed by a web application, accessible via Rest API.


Note: Azure subscription not necessary

Terms & Conditions

  • Workshops are conducted over Microsoft Teams Meeting and the invites will be shared with attendees
  • Interaction with the trainer are allowed via Chat option or over audio
  • Please Switch-Off your video while attending the workshop to avoid bandwidth issues
  • The fee for attending the workshop will be mentioned in the registration form as well as in the website
  • The amount for each workshop is inclusive of GST
  • The attendees will get the payment receipt from the payment gateway provider when the payment is done
  • Since AzConf is a community driven event, whatever amount is collected as fee will be donated to a charity organization after deducting the GST amount
  • Once the organizers makes the payment to the charity organization, the receipt will be shared with attendees after the event
  • Paid Tickets once booked cannot be canceled or refunded
  • You can contact the organizers at:

Live Workshops

* Proceeds will be donated to charity. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Become Data Nerd with no code using ML.Net

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