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Terraform with Azure – Zero to Hero

Ravikanth Chaganti

Cloud and Infrastructure Technologist, Author, Microsoft MVP

Terraform with Azure – Zero to Hero

  • Date : November 26
  • Time : 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  • Slots : 25
  • Fee : INR 500.00*
  • The amount collected as fees will be contributed to charity in full. Please refer the terms given below


With the emergence of DevOps / SRE / Agile methods of application deployment and management, infrastructure and configuration as code (IaC and CaC) are the most discussed topics in the cloud and cloud native space. There are many platforms and tools that enable IaC for different on-prem and cloud application architectures. Terraform stands in a unique position here with support for many cloud platforms and on-prem applications. The consistent manner in which you create and use Terraform configurations makes it one of the most adopted tools for IaC across multiple cloud providers. However, like with any other technology, being able to use a tool is different from using it effectively and efficiently.

This workshop introduces you to Hashicorp Terraform, walks you through all the concepts to get you started with using Terraform, and explains the best practices in implementing Azure deployments using Terraform. This workshop includes a set of hands on labs that you can try and learn the concepts as you proceed in the workshop.

Topics Covered

  • Infrastructure As Code Fundamentals
  • What is Terraform
  • Getting started with Terraform and Azure
  • Building complex Azure Infrastructure using Terraform
  • CI and CD of Terraform configurations


  • Azure Subscription and a computer to try out workshop exercises

Free Azure infrastructure will be provided to attendees for a limited period of time to try out

Terms & Conditions

  • Workshops are conducted over Microsoft Teams Meeting and the invites will be shared with attendees
  • Interaction with the trainer are allowed via Chat option or over audio
  • Please Switch-Off your video while attending the workshop to avoid bandwidth issues
  • The fee for attending the workshop will be mentioned in the registration form as well as in the website
  • The amount for each workshop is inclusive of GST
  • The attendees will get the payment receipt from the payment gateway provider when the payment is done
  • Since AzConf is a community driven event, whatever amount is collected as fee will be donated to a charity organization after deducting the GST amount
  • Once the organizers makes the payment to the charity organization, the receipt will be shared with attendees after the event
  • Paid Tickets once booked cannot be canceled or refunded
  • You can contact the organizers at:

Live Workshops

* Proceeds will be donated to charity. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

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