Call for Speakers

The much awaited, Global Azure Community Developer Conference (2020) will offer a combination of interactive talks, lightning talks, workshops, and panel discussions with the sole aim of learning from each other and growing as a community of enthusiasts and experts. As this is a fully virtual conference, it does not involve the hassles of travel and logistics and moving away from your comfort zone. You can meet our global audience right from your laptop in your chosen safe corner – work or home or anywhere! :)

Format and duration

  • Interactive talks: 60 minutes
  • Lightning talks: 10 minutes
  • Workshops: 60-120 minutes (1 or 2 talk slots)

Here are some suggestions for topics:

  • .NET
  • Architecture & Design
  • Back-End and Front-End
  • Serverless and Cloud-Native
  • Micro- Services
  • Event-Driven solutions
  • Cloud
  • Kubernetes / Containers/ K3S
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Open Source
  • Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning
  • Ethics in software development
  • Modern development practices
  • Testing
  • Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps
  • Tools for software development
  • Software methodology and process
  • Teams, people, roles and how we work.
  • Product development
  • Experience Reports
  • Project and incident postmortems
  • Edge, IoT, and hardware
  • AR/VR
  • Functional Programming
  • Programming Languages.
  • And everything else...
We encourage you to submit your top presentation on the topics you are most passionate about, and not your entire portfolio. Try to limit your submissions to 3-4. If you have any previous speaking experience, please include links to videos, online presentations/slides or blogposts.

Evaluation Process

Submitted sessions will be shortlisted based on the final score/rating mentioned in the evaluation criteria detailed below. Selected speakers will be invited to present the papers at the Global Azure Community Conference between November 24- 26’2020. Other details on the final agenda, schedule, pre event practice dates etc., will be shared with the final team of selected speakers.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Technical or management expertise
  • Past experience as a speaker
  • Presentation skills
  • Session content
  • Session level

Tips for a winning submission : Before submitting your session, you might want to consider the target audience you’ll be talking to, as well as some of the other tips we have put together for you. You can submit more than one session.

Few recommendations while submitting the talks.

  • Write a descriptive, fun and enticing title – this should “sell” your session to the audience
  • Target 300-400 level technical content; 100 and 200 level content is in low demand – if you say your talk is level 400 then make sure it is or be prepared for a barrage of feedback in your evaluations!
  • Describe content that is new, unique or significantly refreshed from a previous presentation
  • Take a solution-oriented approach
  • Ensure there is NO or minimal marketing talk in your content
  • Showcase your speaking experience (past events/sessions you’ve had, ideally sessions which were also recorded)
  • If targeting levels 100-200, focus on currently released or upcoming technologies
  • Look into an advanced/expert approach to existing technologies and solutions (levels 300-400)
  • Include one or more live demos for technical sessions; historically, sessions with strong demos receive higher audience scores
  • Include personal experience; this goes down well with an audience of your peers, as everyone prefers to learn from someone else’s mistake instead of having to go through it themselves
  • Please note that sessions that focus on proprietary technologies or solutions and on selling/advertising those technologies will be ignored from the start. Also, the Azure Community Conference organizers reserve the right to select specific sessions based on other criteria or preferences, as needed.

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